International transportation

The history of international transportation is as long as the history of the trade itself. There were times when goods delivery from distant countries was very difficult, prolonged and touch affair. Today great technological opportunities allow us to transport the cargo from any point of the world by road, sea and air within the shortest time possible. But technologies are not able to solve all the problems. Modern international transportation has a lot of challenges and requires high professional skills. The success of your business largely depends on the right choice of transport company.

13 S-Logistic Company successfully renders door-to-door international transportation services. This approach requires the use of multimodal transportation scheme, that is when several means of transportation are used for client’s goods shipping (by road, railway and sea).

Multimodal transportation requires high degree of all transport chain participants coordination, their work efficiency and strict adherence to the planned operations schedule. Our staff controls the accuracy of multimodal transportation at all stages, with special attention paid to the safety of cargo transportation and reloading. We possess strong professional experience in the field of international transportation of all modes and have wide spectrum of representatives and agents in many countries.


We will undertake all the work to organize your cargo transportation, including:

  • Registration of necessary documents and additional applications;
  • Cargo safe storage and unloading at warehouse;
  • Certification;
  • Insurance;
  • Customs clearance. 
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