Foreign trade transactions

S-Logistic Company is a foreign trade agent participating in the settlements with suppliers. Our responsibilities and powers are fixed in Client-Agent and Agent-Supplier Contracts. As an agent we buy import goods from the Supplier. The Client becomes the owner immediately after customs clearance.

How to perform import transactions

2 S-Logistic Company does not sell freight forwarding, brokerage, certification, insurance and any other services that comprise import transactions. This rule has two effects:

The first: the cost of these services for S-Logistic clients does not include our markup. We invoice our clients with the same price we obtain from the service providers; we buy these services on special conditions stipulated in the transport, insurance and other organizations for professional players, thus achieving economy for our clients.

The second: we do not provide the abovementioned services separately for it contradicts the essence of our commercial offer – full-featured management of foreign economic activity. Ifyouonlyneedthecargodeliveryorinsurance, wecanrecommendourpartners, nomore.

Our service on organization of foreign trade transactions could be represented as follows:

  1. Contract cost calculation and the amount of payments on Client’s request.
  2. Conclusion of the Foreign Trade Contract and Client Agreement.
  3. Settlements with the supplier in foreign currency, purchase of goods.
  4. Transportation and insurance of cargo in transit.
  5. Obtainingpermitsforimport.
  6. Registration of accompanying documents.
  7. Customs clearance.
  8. Delivery of cargo to Client’s warehouse.

Complex of transport logistics is our task as well. For its implementation we usually involve professional companies, proven by long-lasting cooperation. However without any problems we can employ, for example, a transport company, recommended by our client, which for various reasons is the most convenient for transportation of a certain cargo.

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