Customs clearance

Customs clearance the execution of the necessary formalities arising in connection with the movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border.

17Customs clearance is not a simple task for non-specialists. We have extensive experience and skills, monitor constant changes in legislation and are professionals in goods customs clearance. The term customs clearance is often used with goods imported.

For each client we guarantee individual approach and unique offers!

We confidently guarantee proper customs clearance within the shortest time possible and provide information support and consulting on all questions. Our specialists have all the necessary education and constantly improve their qualifications. We are always aware of top current changes in the area of customs legislation.

Our company successfully and for a long time uses the system of electronic customs declaration. Electronic customs declaration in Russia is a possibility to file customs clearance declarations in electronic form and conduct remote procedures of customs clearance. This form of declaration significantly accelerates the process of customs clearance.



Customs clearance includes:

Submission of shipping documents, permits, customs declarations and declared goods and also payment of customs charges and fees to the customs body.

Customs clearance is an obligatory requirement for border crossing or change of customs regulations.

Discrepancies between the data indicated in the declaration of goods and the actual data detected during the customs control entail the delay of goods and require changes in the declaration of goods. In cases when these changes have led to the increase of customs duties and charges, the importer bears administrative, up to criminal responsibility.

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