Import transaction scheme

  1. Import transaction scheme: main stages of construction and realization of cargo delivery and clearance scheme.
  2. Study of the nature and characteristics of cargo transportation, determination of optimal schemes for cargo delivery to the place of customs clearance for imports and exports proceeding from the peculiarities of the customer’s cargo.
  3. Request and confirmation of the freight value on the selected delivery scheme.
  4. Implementation preliminary calculations of the customs payments with the selected customs regime and preliminary assessment of the services package value with the chosen delivery type (to the door or self-delivery etc.)
  5. Receipt of client's confirmation on service package cost acceptance.
  6. The conclusion of the contract with the customer for the provision of the services.
  7. Preparing documents package for approval and customs value verification.
  8. Ordering a container for transportation from the customer's place to the destination.
  9. Obtaining transport documents by the carrier and any other documents from the customer necessary for the preparation of goods declaration to be submitted.
  10. Customs clearance. It consists of five stages:
    • Acceptance, registration and accounting of goods declaration.
    • Control for correctness of HS code determination and observance of non-tariff rules regulation.
    • Currency exchange regulation and control for the correctness of customs value determination.
    • Verifying the calculation of customs payments.
    • Customs control of goods and transport vehicles (inspection if necessary).
    • Then follows the release of goods.
  11. Providing the customer with the report on carrying out the inspection (photo, video).
  12. Transport ordering, container shipping to the place of delivery and cargo transit control.
  13. Receipt of customer’s confirmation on goods delivery to the destination
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